Mortgage Center:
Our Mortgage Center allows you the tools you need to succeed in the Mortgage Industry. They include the ability to:

Login to our Back Office,
8-5 Help Desk - get's you the support you nee
Lender List with Contact Information,
Pull Credit,
Run DU (Desktop Originator)
Get Pre-Approval Letters for your Clients,
Loan Processing Services contact lists,

Contact list for Title and Escrow Services,
Purchase Loan Product and Services, etc,.


  Mortgage Center Login:
The "MORTGAGE CENTER" is designed to help our Agents become more successful, with the tools and support we offer - their is no way that you can fail.

8-5 Help Desk:

Our 9:00 am to 5:00 pm "HELP DESK" is here to help you succeed and to answer any questions that you may have in regards to a transaction that you are working on.





Lender Lists:

Our "LENDERS LISTS" gives you the ability to search for a Lender of your choice, Price the Loan and get all of your fees together.

Credit Reports:

Pulling our "CREDIT REPORTS" are easy. You can pull from right online or pull from Point Calyx. We set you up with your own user name and passcode to pull credit.

Run DU Approval:

Running your own "DESKTOP APPROVAL" is great. You find out right away if you can get your Clients approved, and these DU Approvals can be sent to anyone of our Wholesale Lenders. You know within Minutes, not Days if your Clients are good to go, and if not, you'll know how to resolve the problem to get them ready.

Pre-Approval Letters:

We can provide a Broker Pre-Approval letter to you, so that you don't loose the deals that you are currently working on, while waiting for Official Lender Approval.

Loan Processing Contact's:

Our in-house Loan Processors are educated and able to answer most questions that you may have in regards to your Loan Files, they are easily assessable and available to you during business hours.

Title and Escrow Service Contacts:

Title and Escrow Officers are an excellent source of information, they understand most elements in regards to the purchase and transfer of property.

Loan Products and Services:

To help you be successful, you will need the right tools and support, we are here to help you to be successful, because we know that when your successful - we are too! And no matter how far you go in life - you can never do it alone!


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