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What is a Buyers Agent?

A buyers agent is an agent who works for and with the buyer. The agent helps the buyer to obtain pre-approval and searches for homes in the area where the buyer wants to purchase.

Many buyers agents are exclusive agents, which means that the agent works exclusively with the buyers alone.

A dual agent is one who works with both the buyer and seller. A buyers agent can become a dual agent if both parties agree to have the agent represent them in a transaction of sale.

The advantages of having a buyers agent is that he/she will represent you and your best interest.


A great buyers agent can be a tremendous help in your search for a home and an asset in negotiating price and any personal property items that you may want to acquire with your purchase.

What is a Buyers Agent Do?

A buyers agent represents your best interest, they are their to assist you through the process, complete necessary Real Estate Contract paperwork, and to communicate with all necessary parties involved in the Transaction.

What Does it Cost - To Hire A Buyers Agent?

Nothing - The representation is FREE - Don't go out Searching for a Home, when you can have Professional Assistance and be privy to the Latest Technology in your Search. You don't have to be the 'Last to Know' or 'Too Late to Make an Offer' when you have the Right Professional Help.


A Buyer's Agent represents the Buyer's in a Purchase Transaction, they help to ensure the Value of the Home, and that the Buyer does not loose money or time in the transaction or in the process of purchasing. Best of All - It doesn't cost you anything.
A Seller's Agent will take your offer to purchase, but they won't be representing your best interest's - their Seller is their Client! And that's who they represent - no matter what they say!

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