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Many Buyer's Agents will:

Drive their buyers around all day long looking for a home
Waiting for any offer to be accepted, but
Only with Pre-Approval is a Buyers Offer taken seriously.
The Old ways of doing business are gone.

Many Buyers Agents are scared to ask the question - would you like to get Pre-Approved First?

Many Buyers want to look first, and then get Pre-Approved. Getting Pre-Approved is a Process and if a buyer is not putting 10% to 20% Down it could take up to Two-Weeks to get all the conditions in.

It's smart to get Pre-Approved before you ever start looking for a Home. Pre-Approval - gives you confidence that you are able to purchase and for how much, without guessing.

It is very possible that you could loose the house of your dreams if you find the house you want without approval and others like it too. Please see our 12-STEP SYSTEM for more details on that.  



Buyers Pre-Approval is Vital to Sellers:

1.    Is your Client Pre-Approved? (and if yes)

2.    Can my Seller see your Buyers Pre-Approval Letter with Conditions?

Buyers who are not Pre-Approved are:

1.    Not serious about making any purchase offers, typically they are just looking and wasting the seller's and agent's time in the process.

2.    Call various agents requesting homes for sale, but never act on the information.

3.    Are slow to answer and/or return any calls from a lender and/or a buyer's agent.

4.    Never make the initiative to contact a lender, because they fear rejection.

5.    Typically waist everyone's time, until they take the steps to get pre-approved.

Buyers are apprehensive about making an offer on a home when they lack pre-approval first. Pre-approval brings confidence in purchasing and saves everyone's time.

The Solution:


Get Pre-approved Today, before you start looking for a home.

The only way to find out is to ASK US.

Click here for fast Pre-Approval

Seller's most common fear is to get their house in escrow with an unqualified buyer and find themselves starting the process all over again.  Whether you are a buyer or a seller don't let this happen to you.  Get pre-qualified for your next home first!

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